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Gremlins Dancing Gizmo Plush Doll

Gremlins Dancing Gizmo Plush Doll


The musical dancing Gizmo plush are life-like movie accurate. Dancing Gizmo both sings and dances, is hand-painted, has vinyl ears, face, feet and hands, and his plush body has ‘life-like’ white and brown fur. These life-like Dancing Gizmo toys also measure over 11" from ear to ear and also come in their own crate. Gizmo was the most endearing gremlin and stands 8 inches tall, or 7 inches sitting! Clap your hands to make Gizmo dance and sing. Gizmo will dance by wiggling his body and loudly hum a tune for you for about 30 seconds. Remember to keep Gizmo away from water! Supplied with 2x AA batteries and is ready to dance and sing out of the box.

Licensed merchandise produced by NECA.

Price: 27.98 (Including VAT at 20%)