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Gandalf The Grey's Staff Pen and Paper Bookmark

Gandalf The Grey's Staff Pen and Paper Bookmark

Ref: NN1215

The Staff of Gandalf Pen and Bookmark set is a lovingly recreated replica of the staff used by Gandalf the Grey in his journey with Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves to the Lonely Mountain. The pen measures approximately 18 cm and the stunning lenticular bookmark features a 3D image of the great wizard himself. (Lenticular: a sequence of images representing different viewpoints on a subject are encoded and revealed to the viewer at carefully calculated angles by a lenticular display. Each eye perceives a different viewpoint, this creates an illusion of depth with the image floating above and below the flat surface of the display.)

Authentic licensed film memorabilia produced by The Noble Collection.

Price: 9.48 (Including VAT at 20%)